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Coffeeofpromise is a Nepali wholesale organic specialty coffee roasting company based in Lalitpur, Nepal. It all began with a modest concept: Create exceptional coffee and start a conversation related to mental issues.

Our mission is to provide sustainably sourced, hand-picked, supply micro-roasted quality coffee using innovative and methodic roasting practices.

We strive to form profound partnerships with farmers from all over Nepal to create perspective together and form healthy working relationships built on trust and respect. We are committed to bringing the best selection of naturally grown, amazing tasting and in-season coffees to cafes and consumers in Nepal.

Our Organic Producers

Kumar Dai’s small coffee farm, cultivated in roughly 10 ropanis area is a top-class organic smallholder farm located in the highlands of Gimdi,Lalitpur.

Awarded three times “Best Krishak(Farmer) of the year” , Kumar dai’s farm has been established for decades and his coffee operation is primary source of income for his family.

His organic management practices are very well developed. Supported by his wife, they work year-round looking after plant health, pets control, shade growing and conversation of native foliage.

We are very grateful to be working with Kumar Ghimire Dai since 2019 and look forward to purchasing more coffee from him in the coffee harvest seasons to come.

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June 2023