"We take pride in sourcing our coffee from the lush region of Lalitpur, working closely with small holding farmers and a dedicated coffee cooperative. 

- About

One of our remarkable producers is Dhital Dai, who has dedicated the past 12 years to coffee farming. Through his hard work, coffee has become a valuable addition to his income alongside other cash crops. Another key member of our passionate team is Bidhya Didi, a skilled and dedicated farmer committed to producing exceptional coffee beans. Together, they embody the spirit of our mission to deliver high-quality coffee to our customers while supporting local communities."

- Cupping Lab Observations

According to Ashutosh Poudel, our Quality Assurance Head, this coffee offers a clean and consistent morning cup, despite being washed processed. It impressively maintains the sugary sweetness characteristic of Nepali coffees.

In Ashutosh's opinion, "These coffees are versatile; they taste great whether consumed black, with cream, or with sugar. They serve as an ideal introduction to the world of washed coffees."

- Details from Producers

  • Origin: Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Harvest: 2024
  • Elevation: 1000m - 1100m
  • Varietals: Primarily Typica, Bourbon & Cattura